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Magic The Gathering: Prophecy

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The Prophecy is the third in theMercadian Masques block. The key mechanics here were spellshapers, rhystic spells, avatars, winds and spells that became stronger when you are tapped out.

The notable cards are the avatars - Avatar of Hope, Avatar of Woe, Avatar of Might, Avatar of Fury and Avatar of Will. These cost 6 cheaper when you are at a certain disadvantage. The also notables are the winds - Plague Wind, Denying Wind, Revitalizing Wind, Searing Wind and Blessed Wind. Magetta the Lion was also a key card.

The set was fun to play because the avatars and the winds were very good end game cards. However few of the cards here ever were tournament worthy. The rhystic spells had potential but were too few in the set. Overall, the Masques block did not live up to expectations.