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Magic The Gathering: Spectrum Precon Deck

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Magic the gathering has always been a joy to play in all five colors. The Spectrum Precon from the Invasion expansion does that using the power of green to produce the other colors necessary. Cards such as Harrow and Fertile Ground. The deck also includes five split cards. These cards are two cards in one. Not only are the cute but useful as well. Your trump card here is the Global Ruin. It creates an effect similar to Armageddon but since you have five types of land, it will not affect you as much as your opponent who might just have one or two types. The Djinns are also fun to use. You could end the match with a big bad Sabretooth Nishoba which is a beefy 5/5 with protection from red and blue and trample as well.

Overall, this deck is very engaging to use but not very powerful. This is cool for casual but do not expect even an enhanced version of this to win a tournament. You are better off with a five color utility deck.