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Magic The Gathering: Stronghold

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Stronghold is the twenty first set in the Nagic the Gathering series. The story begins withthe crew of the Weatherlight going to the stronghold of Volrath. Gerard then discovers that Volrath is his blood brother Vuel. He ends up killing "Volrath" but ends up killing only a shapeshifter.

The set is marked by kor creatures which transfer damage amongst themselves and spikes which transfer counters amongst themselves. While the set is not powerful overall, it has many notable cards like Sliver Queen, Megrim, Mox Diamond, Mogg Maniac, Bottomless Pit, Mana Leak and Wall of Blossoms.

I appreciated the set because the number of slivers increased and it had many excellent gold slivers. Also its power cards such as Moxdiamond and Sliver Queen are favorites up to today.