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Magic The Gathering: Tempest

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Tempest was the twentieth set release by Wizards of the Coast in the Magic the Gathering franchise. The set represents a spike in power level as compared to the Mirage block. Tempest has a setting in Rath, an alternate plane. Here, the crew of the ship Weatherlight encounter Volrath and his minions.

The notable mechanics that appeared on the set are buyback and shadow. Buyback enables you to pay and additional cost to keep your spells from going to the graveyard. This is useful in recycling spells. Shadow is an evasive ability that enables creatures you control to not be blocked by non shadow creatures. Notable cards in the set were Cursed Scroll, Rathi Dragon, Time Warp, Greven il-Vec, Lotus Petal and Wasteland. The set also included reprints of staples such as Counterspell and Dark Ritual.

I absolutely liked this set when it came out because of the powerful cards it contained. The level was from the commons up to the rares. I also liked the slivers which were introduced in the set. They are a force to be reckoned with. The set would rank in the top 5 of all Magic the Gathering expansions.