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Magic The Gathering: Textless Disenchant Card

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Disenchant is one of the most popular cards in Magic the Gathering history. It has been used in countless decks and has been reprinted in sveral expansions as well. It is popular because it is a very efficient utility card. For the mere cost of one generic mana and one white mana you could take out powerful artifacts such as Nevinyrral's Disk, Moxes and Oblivion Stones. The card could also could destroy enchantments such as Crusades, Bad Moon and Moat. As a bonus, artifact creatures could be taken out as well.

This particular version has a different template similar to the token cards. It also doesn't include any text as the card is so popular that most players know what it is. Also the card features all new alternative art.

For $2.00 this card is a sweet deal. I know it is just a common but it is an iconic Magic the Gathering card. If you want to spruce up the look of your deck, get this card. I highly recommend it.