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Magic The Gathering: Visions

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Visions is the sixteenth Magic the Gathering set and continues where Mirage left off. This time Femeref was decimated and Jolrael berays Kaervek and joins the alliance against him. The set comprised of 167 cards.

The set focused on the mechanics of Mirage like phasing and flanking. It also had creatures with comes into play abilities, instant enchantments and poison. Among the sets best cards were River Boa, Uktabi Orangutan, Creeping Mold, City of Solitude, Fireblast, Suq Ata Lancer, Desertion, Nekrataal and Vampiric Tutor.

The set was very good as it had many staple cards that were even tournament quality. The set had plenty of quality commons as well. It was unlike previous sets that had too many useless commons. while the set did not innovate, the set more than supplemented Mirage.