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Magic The Gathering: Weatherlight

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Weatherlight is the nineteenth Magic the Gathering set. It began the longest story arc in the games history mainly the adventures of the crew of the ship the Weatherlight. The set included old mechanics such as cumulative upkeep which has been changed from being a drawback to being a benefit, flanking and phsing. The set also emphasized the graveyard and its use as a resource.

The set was the last of the Mirage block but focused a lot on the graveyard. Among the power cards of the set were Abeyance, Gemstone Mine, Empyrial Armor, Thunderbolt, Bosium Strip, Buried Alive, Doomsday, Mindstone and Hidden Horror. The set has complimented the previous sets well with more staple cards.

The set lived up to its promise in terms of utility cards. there were however no really powerful creatures as in other sets. The set mostly has cheap efficient creatures and nice spells.