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Magic The Gathering:Urza's Destiny

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doraemon By doraemon on
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Urza's Destiny is the third set in the Urza block and is one of the more powerful sets in recent history. The set emphasizes earlier mechanics like cycling and echo. However the cycling is for crweatures already in play. Aside from that the set also has a lobotomy cycle in which 5 cards remove something specific. Among these are Eradicate, Quash, Sowing Salt, Scour and splinter.The set also emphasizes revealing cards to amplify an effect.

Among the notable cards in the set were Masticore, Yawgmoth's Bargain, Donate, Yavimaya Elder, Covetous Dragon, Rofellos and academy Rector. The set is known for the number of combos it helped put together such as Squee / Masticore and Donate / Illusions of Grandeur.

I liked the set as it not only had good uncommons and rares but the commons lot was excellent. I found a lot of nifty commons such as Sigil of Sleep and Metathran soldier. This is one well made set.