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Magic Window Energy Star

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I got a knock at my door a few months ago. It was a salesman from Magic-Window. The man was driving by our home and saw our windows. They were insulated and had plastic on them from the outside. The man actually thought we had a broken window. However it wasn’t broken. Although might as well have been broken. We insulated all the bedrooms, bathroom and basement windows. This was to help keep our house warmer this past winter.

The salesman explained how we could save on the windows if we bought now. We were able to save with the energy tax savings and we got our windows before getting hit with having to pay HST. The company even paid to have an air test done on our house. The air test gave us a review of what else we could do to help heat our home properly and get a tax rebate as well. All we have to do is get some or all of the stuff done on the list before 1 year. We don’t have to do anything if we don’t want to. But of course we do.

If you know of anyone who has gotten new windows lately, take a look in between the double glass and see if it has any writing in the center of the seal area. This is one way to find out they got the top of the line windows that you can get. If it doesn’t have the writing stamp, then they do not have the best of the best for windows.

These are the windows we got from Magic-Window:

Energy Plus High Performance Glass

75% visible light transmission, Allows 75% visible light transmission to brighten home’s interior

68% Solar heat allowed in, Lets 68% of the sun’s heat to warm your house naturally

42% more heat retained, Improves insulating performance by 42% over double clear glass

Energy Efficient Energy Star

This was great in more ways than one. This label helps to reduce energy, protect the environment and you can also apply for the Energy Efficient Rebate.

Window Security/Locks

I really like this feature. We have TWO locks on each window. For me that is safety. Each window also has a slot that comes out so you can only open the window so far and that’s it. I like this feature as I use it in my children’s rooms. I have no worries of them trying to climb out the windows with this on.

Also this feature is great to have if you are leaving your home for a little bit and still want air flowing through your home. It will help burglars to think twice as they would have more work to do then simply sliding the window open. This is not a burglar stopper but it does help.

HI-FLO Drainage Weeper

The drainage weeper is great to have. It helps stop mould. This was an issue for us with our older window in our bathroom. The window is in the shower and the frame was hard to keep from mould happening. I like how this has a drainage that controls this from happening and how it keeps wind and water from entering from outside the window from entering the house.

Tilt N Slide

My life was just made easier. My old windows I had to take out of the slides to wash them. There were 4 sets of windows to each frame. I have a heck of a time when it came to washing the windows. I would have to have a large area to wash them and a large area to place them until I was done washing them all in order to place them back in the window frame on the track.

With the tilt and slide all I have to do is open the windows like a French door. This allows me to keep the window in the frame and easily clean both sides of the window. It also allows for a great breeze to run through the house. I uploaded a video for you to see how easy and awesome this feature is. At one point I have to place the camera down to open the windows but then you can see how it works.

We got a total of 12 windows including a big livingroom window.

These windows have a warranty for as long as we live in this house. The seller told us that if one of our children get mad at their boyfriend and breaks a window, it is free to replace. I laughed and told him to be careful with what he says as we have already had that situation with our teenager last year.

The insulation took a few hours and the men who came to put the windows in where friendly. They placed blankets along the floors to ensure they wouldn’t track mud or scratch our flooring. They cleaned up and even took our old windows and screens as we didn’t want them.

They placed a sign on our front lawn and asked us if we would mind keeping it there for 3 months. I have no problem leaving it there longer. Both my husband and I are very pleased with our new windows and the company Magic-Window.

This company has other designs and is really worth the look if you are interested in getting a window.