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Magical Mystery Tour

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By ntmanning on
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As a follow up to Sgt. Peppers the Beatles created Magical Mystery Tour, an idea by Paul McCartney that was released just months after Sgt. Peppers. While the movie was a deemed huge failure, I never saw it, the album is still one of the best they have ever created. I find that it some ways the music maybe better than Sgt. Peppers. Up and down this album is filled with great music, including "Magical Mystery Tour", "The Fool On The Hill, " "I Am The Walrus, " "Hello, Goodbye, " "Strawberry Fields Forevor, " "Penny Lane, "Baby You're A Rich Man, " and "All You Need Is Love." "All You Need Is Love, " was written for a worldwide television broadcast that lasted 6 hours and featured 24 different countries. I found that was one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard, it has a simple message and the song itself is simple. However, it is just a powerful message that overwhelms you and you know its a special song. The Beatles represented England in the worldwide broadcast, and the song was used to deliver that one single message, Love. Like "All You Need Is Love, " "I Am The Walrus, " is a product of John Lennon, parts of this song were written while on seperate acid trips. The song means nothing and Lennon himself said it was used to try to confuse its listeners to tried to understand the deeper meanings of Beatles lyrics. I also think it is kind of funny that so many people tried to analzye the Beatles songs for deeper meanings, and they joked back by trying to confuse them and throw them for a loop. This is something that I feel makes the Beatles special and worth listenting to still to this day.