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Magnavox Cd R 52 X 700 Mb 80 Min Recordable Disks

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I recently purchased these Magnavox CD-R disks to do some file back ups and copy music on. I am not pleased. I purchased a bulk spindle of 100 disks thinking I was getting a deal. I was wrong.

The deal turned out to be a rip-off. The first disk I used worked fine. The files loaded well and can be retrieved or played, as they should. The second disk I tried failed with a disk error. I was unable to repair or reformat the disk-it went into the trash. I figured it must be me and not the disk. I moved on to the next disk. It worked fine as did the next.

Through this deal so far, I have encountered 6 bad disks with errors. Is it my fault? The computer? I’m not even ¼ through the spindle. The next Magnavox disk always seems to work fine copying the same files as the previous try.

I’m thinking it’s the disks and not me or the computer. I also fear I may not be able to access some files I transferred to these disks down the road. With that thought, I’m only using the Magnavox disks for music.

From now on I will be passing on those “too good to be true” disk deals. I’ll stick with my usual brand and pay the price. After all, you always get what you pay for.