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Magnetic Bracelet

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cnt24 By cnt24 on
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I'm constantly complaining about back pain. My sweet daughter bought me a magnetic bracelet to help me out. Before I go to far into this let me say I am willing to try anything once and I'm really into vitamins and natural/alternative therapy.

My magnetic bracelet is constructed from Pearl hematite magnets and fiber optic brown Cat's Eye beads for decoration. It is assembled on a stretch band. So far the construction has been very durable. It has held up to my putting it on and taking it off for bathing. It has also endured getting wet when I forget to remove it.

The bracelet is comfortable to wear and I often forget I have it on. I think it is rather pretty and I have gotten quite a few compliments on it.

The card that accompanied the magnetic bracelet stated it may help relieve pain, stress, PMS, high blood pressure, and help increase circulation. Honestly, I can tell you my back pain has subsided some. I don't get PMS, but what cramps I do get have diminished since I've been wearing it. I have not checked my blood pressure. I still get stressed. I've never had circulatory problems.

Magnetic Therapy seems to be one of those things you can believe in or not. I really think it all depends on the person and their acceptance or open-mindedness.

Regardless, I think the magnetic bracelet is working for me. I've even looked into getting one that may be more powerful than this one. Magnetic bracelets range in price from around $5.00 to the $100s. I believe my gift cost about $10 from comparable units I've seen on the Internet.

Since my magnetic bracelet seems to be working for me I'll continue to wear it. If I ever hear that it's bad for me, it will make a nice refrigerator magnet (see picture).