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Magnetic Storage Not Just For Locker Organization

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Locker Revolution Storage Cup

I was looking for a way to curtail the overflowing pile of notepads and coupons on the kitchen counter. When school supplies went on display this summer I took a look at the items designed for locker organization, and decided that I liked this Magnetic Jumbo Storage Cup, by Locker Revolution.

This organizer is made of metal mesh, welded to a wire frame. The whole thing is then painted. I bought a blue one, but there were other colors available (I think red, blue or black). It is part of a set of items offered by Locker Revolution, a product line of “It’s Academic, Inc.”

This pocket-style organizer has a rectangular base 7.5 x 2.25 inches. At the front, the pocket is 3 inches high, and 5 inches at the back. The sides angle, giving easy access to the pockets. On the right is a single pocket, and on the left the pocket is divided again into a front and back half. The left pockets are ever so slightly wider than those on the right. I don’t know if this is intended, or if it’s a manufacturing error.

The mesh is small enough that you could throw small items like jewelry or coins in this and they wouldn’t fall through. I don’t think even small earrings would fall through unless the backing was off the post, but this might be close.

There are three round magnets on the back to attach it to a metal surface. I’ve put mine on the side of the refrigerator.


The three pockets are nice. I use them for paper for shopping lists or notes, pens and pencils, and current coupons (we aren’t huge couponers).

The magnets are really strong, and this never falls off. It’s not easily displaced just from reaching for the paper or a pen

I like the sturdiness, rather than something plastic. The whole thing is quite rigid, and could survive a few trips to the floor.


You can’t put stubby pencils in the pocket or you have to dig to retrieve them.

Anyone with large fingers will have trouble extracting small items. It’s sometimes hard to get the coupons out of the back pocket. But it’s easy to just pull it off the fridge and set it on the counter to dig them out.

Since the single pocket is only 3.25 inches wide on the inside, quite a few of the notepads that I have around won’t fit in it without being bent.

The sides are too short to support those really long shopping list pads unless the cardboard backing is intact.

The edges of the mesh are a little rough. They aren’t sharp, but they might be rough enough to snag a cuff or sleeve of some fine fabric.


Overall, I’m moderately pleased. The Locker Revolution Magnetic Jumbo Storage Cup has gotten a messy pile off the counter. We keep extra pads in a drawer, and just keep a couple in this more accessible holder. Hubby has accepted the new system, which is always a plus. For the price, this has been a very successful organizational experiment.

The backing card says designed in the USA, made in China. I guess if you are trying to look like you’re keeping jobs in the USA you want to say anything positive that you can.