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Magnolia Wood Stove

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We decided to purchase a wood stove to help heat our new home after having some really long, cold winter days. Our house has the heat pump and we just love it but when the temperature outside gets below 32 degrees, we have to use the auxillary heat setting. The auxillary heat setting costs more to heat than using just the regular heat pump. Our heat pump is great for warm weather and cold days but we need that auxillary setting when really cold. In order to save money and reduce the use of the auxillary setting, we purchased a Magnolia wood stove at Tractor Supply. The wood stove really cuts your heating bill. We noticed a big difference in our electric bill. One month, we didn't use the wood stove and what a jump in cost! We cut down alot of trees on our property to build our house. We used a log slitter to split all the wood. Some wood was kept outside under tarps and the rest we lined up in our basement. You want to make sure you use dry wood and don't burn pine. Pine can give off creosote.Our stove has a window in the front. There is a handle in the front for easy opening/closing. The stove is vented with a steel smoke stack chimney to the outside. Upon installation of the chimney, they put a screen at the top. We found that the screen caused us problems with creosote collecting there because the holes in the screen were too small. This caused a backdraft which caused smoke to form in the basement area. We had the screen removed when the chimney sweeper man came to clean the chimney. It works fine now. If you decide to heat with wood, you will not only need to purchase a wood stove. You will need to hire someone to install a smoke stack and vent it to the outside. Here's the kicker: It cost us 2000.00 to put the stack in and vent it to the outside/parts/labor. It cost more than the stove so keep that in mind. Unless you do it yourself. Wood stoves can be a bit of work. You have to keep it cleaned out, fired up and supplied with wood. The plus factor: saves energy-cuts cost of heating and it is warmer heat!