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Magnussen Bali Coffee Table

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New Year's Eve something good happened that came out of something bad. First the bad - a friend of my daughter's was getting carried away with Rock Band and the festivities and fell backwards to land on top of our coffee table which unfortunately had glass on top. The bad wasn't that he fell and broke the table - the bad was that we were very worried that he'd been injured from the shattered glass. He on the other hand was horribly upset that he had broken the coffee table and was set to walk over 5kms home in -18 celcius weather but not before he promised he'd pay for the damage.

The good news is that we were able to calm him down - he wasn't injured surprisingly, and I got to go shopping for a new table. To be honest I didn't like that table much anyway - just wish however; that a poor kid didn't have to be part of the equation to my getting a new one but once I assured everyone that the important thing was that he hadn't been hurt, I and my husband garnered the distinction of "cool parents" and from all indications my daughter's party was a hit despite the table incident and a few glasses broken here and there.

Deciding on a replacement was difficult. Our favorite furniture store had a huge selection and the prices were quite reasonable for most of them. I walked around the store at least a dozen times but finally I was drawn to one in particular. This table is made by Magnussen and if I can be so bold - it is gorgeous - but then all of the furnishings this company has are quite stunning.

The table we decided on is called a Bali and when we finally choose our leather set, I'll be able to finish the look by adding a matching end table set and a sofa table when I'm ready. This table is not only very nice looking it's very functional and can be used as a simple, narrow coffee table or the top, which is in two pieces, can be folded out to create a huge table which I have christened my Sushi table.

The table is comprised of cherry veneers and hardwood solids (legs etc) and on each side of the table are two "arms" that slide out to ensure the larger fold out of the table is securely supported. The color of the table overall is considered "Nutmeg" with a slight but very tasteful distressed look although to be honest our table certainly doesn't look the least bit distressed ;) Putting the table together was a simple matter of attaching the legs which are crossed to give the table that bit of oriental appeal. It's very solid and it's reasonably heavy but the best thing - not a single, solitary piece of glass anywhere on it! Bonus.

At only $249 (although I've seen this table advertised online for $349 which makes me feel even more proud of my choice) I feel as though I've gotten one terrific deal - due to the fact that we were picking it up ourselves we also got a discount on the price which was an added bonus and another reason I love shopping at Leon's. This table is going to be a piece that serves us for many years I'm sure. Quality construction and functional beauty are hallmarks for longevity in our household and by the quality and functionality of our table, Magnussen has done a terrific job of creating a very reasonably priced product that adds class to surroundings. I'd definitely recommend this table (and the Company) to anyone.

More Magnussen products can be seen hereand until I can charge the camera or at the least install software for the camera phone I'll have to direct you to the site instead....the table we purchased can be found under "Occasional tables" - "View all alphabetically" - I'd put the direct link but unforutnately its javascript so can't link directly - the table is at the bottom of the screen "Bali". I'll get images up as soon as I can.

I should mention that no, we didn't make the fellow pay for the coffee table - I considered the "accident" something that was meant to get me moving to get rid of it anyway - sometimes fate has to nudge me into action but this time it had a weird, unfortunate way of doing it :)