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Mahjong Mai Jiang

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Mahjong is a four player table game that originated in China. In the game, the players are dealt thirteen tiles and each turn must draw one tile and discard one tile. It is entire based upon skill, strategy, calculation and the degree of chance. The aim of the game is to fill the hand with four melds (placing down of the same tile of 3 or 4 times) plus one pair left in their hand. This may only be achieved from the call of another persons tiles or from a draw and therefore you may only win with fourteen tiles. The playable suits of numbers are Stones (9), Bamboo (9), Charecters (10), Wind (3) and Dragon (3) tiles; the last suit is the flower suit which is not playable but instead gives the player bonus points from being drawn, they include the plum, orchid, chrysanthemum, bamboo (the four noble plants); and summer, autumn, winter and spring (obviously meaning the seasons)

The game Mahjong is a great game to play with family or friends, unfortunatly however, in western countries not many people do know how to play Mahjong, and therefore have to learn all the chinese charecters and suits in order to play well. Another downside of the game is that you MUST have 4 people to play the game, this may be problematic when there are an insufficient amount of people to play. (Note - Most parties that I have been to have had at least 5 games of Mahjong that everyone plays).

Overall I rate Mahjong the game with a 8.5/10 because of the unfamiliarity of the western culture as well as the people that are required to play the game.

(However if this website was more chinese cultured, I would rate it with a 9/10)