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Mailbox Coin Bank

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When my father in law learned that I was also storing some coins for my baby in a small jar, he gave me this Savings Bank Coin Bank & Bill Storer with a design that is patterned after a mail box.

It is made of heavy steel, I am not sure what, and is painted pink, because my baby is a girl. He also gave a blue one to my baby's male cousin.

Anyway, if you open the door of the coin bank, you can see two divisions, the top portion that occupies the front part, and the lower half which extends to the back. If you close the door (it has a key), the coins may be inserted through a hole on top. But the slot at the back is where the paper bills may be inserted. The bills will then go to the lower half of the bank, and they are upright.

This is a real cool design. At least the coins and the bills don't get mixed up and thus crumpling the bills. And the money is easy to extract because it has a door. But it is safe enough because of the key and you can keep the key to take away the temptation of getting money from there from time to time.

The only drawback is that the bank is small. I would appreciate it if it is bigger. So from time to time, I would count the money and deposite it in the bank. It works for me.

One thing though, since it is made of metal, it really makes a loud sound whenever you drop coins in there, especially if there is not a lot of money inside yet. So I can't drop coins in there when my baby is asleep. hehe I have to wait till she is awake.