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Mainstays Jumbo Storage Bags

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Mainstays Storage Bags is WalMart's answer to the Space Bag. These are the bags one sees advertised on television as plastic bags that you can put all kinds of clothes or bedding in and then you vacuum out the excess air thus leaving your clothes protected from moths, water, dirt, mold and mildew. These bags are suppose to let you store clothes or covers safely for as long as you want.

If you have a shortage of closet space you know how valuable this product could be. Once the storage bag is flattened it allows you to store these bags in areas you don't use such as under a bed thus freeing up closet space.

The one I bought was a jumbo bag measuring 35 inches x 48 inches (89 cm x 122 cm).

These bags work by putting the clothes in and then sealing the opening. The opening has a static strip along the top that is suppose to cling shut when you press it together. You then stick the hose of a sweeper in the blue static cling valve strip. Once you vaccuum the air out you press the valve together and it is suppose to cling shut too.

I put some winter clothes in this bag to store over the summer months and when I vacuumed out the air it immediately started letting air back in. The problem is that the strips have to be press down on and all air bubbles and wrinkles have to be pressed out. Unfortunately when you put clothes in the bag the strips no longer match up as nicely as they do when the bag is empty. I guess it would help to put only a few items in them but that would make this a pricey method of storage as this off brand of storage bag runs about $6.97 for one jumbo bag and the original Space Bag is even more expensive.