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I have been tasked with making a slideshow presentation for a Pastoral couple from our church that is moving to India for our Bible College. Now, in the past, I have tried Microsoft Movie Maker, which I originally did try, but the program continually crashes on me. And let me tell you that after sitting there working for hours on getting the images, video and music to transition into each other perfectly and then have the program lock up and crash is cause for a nervous breakdown.

So I began looking for something comparable and came across Movie Edit Pro from Magix. They offer a seven day trial, which you can expand into 30 days, if you register through your Email. Of course I did, because I am waiting on several people to send me pictures for this show/video.

The software is actually very easy if you've ever tried Movie Maker in the past. It has the same concept but many more features to use. It's great! You can add titles or captions and have them scroll in all different directions.

You first import the photos that you want and just click with the mouse and drag them into the order you want. If you go into the storyboard mode, you then get a screenview to where you can slide images slightly onto each other, so the image transition is subtle and not choppy.

From this trial version, you can even burn your new video onto a DVD, which I already did. It came out great and I am very pleased with the quality and flow. You can also sign up for the online album and they give you a link for the trial period that lets you or others see your new video. However, the online album is a little pixelated and therefore not the best quality for viewing. I'd recommend burning the DVD so you at least have it before your trial runs out. You can even burn onto Blu-Ray, if you want! It comes with Dolby 5.1 surround sound too.

If you'd like to see a demo of what all it does, please check out this link:


You can also purchase this software for either the $39.99 or $89.99 price, depending on which version you want. I most likely will be buying one of these because I know after everyone sees what it can do, they'll want me to do more of these videos. Plus, my friends will be able to watch this on their DVD player.

The software burns DVD tracks or chapters too, so it is easier to find out where you left off or where you want to go to and see again. It offers 99 tracks.

Magix videos can be read from and supported by cell phones, Flip Mino, digital cameras, webcams, etc.

Magix has all sorts of other software available for other types of editing, whether it be videos, websites or music. It has won 75 awards for all it offers!

I made my video in two days because I was having so much fun. The total length is 16 minutes on what I made and could possibly get longer, if more pictures start filtering into my Email box.

So go check it out. I only barely touched the surface of what this software can do. If you have been looking for a movie making software, I know you won't be disappointed.

Update On Mar 07, 2010: The DVD slideshow I made was a huge hit at last night's dinner. Our friends loved it and everyone cried and laughed. I highly recommend you check this out as see if you don't like it more than Movie Maker. Definitely a lot less bugs and software hangups.

Update On Mar 12, 2010: Magix Edit Pro 16 is the newest release and they are now offering 56% off the list price. Many software vendors normally offer great discounts once you use their trial period. I can't wait to create more shows and this new version offers HD now. Very cool!

I have included two more images to show the audio/DJ capability and the the photo layout screen.

Update On May 13, 2010: This video will be the backdrop for a performance I taught our youth group, courtesy of a friend who created the drama. They will do the performance this coming Sunday. If you listen to the words, the scenes will make sense. I used this movie program to make the video and LOVE what it does! There is still so much to learn. I know the flames run long, but it really does go with the human video they're doing. During this time, a tormented youth is walking through his addictions and is in hell being controlled by the devil. When you see the bursts of explosions, that is when Christ knocks the demons to the ground. That happens two times and then he is set free - hence the song's title by Casting Crowns. Then he is saved by Christ. It's a very powerful song and drama.

Update On May 25, 2010: Well, the youth group performed their routine this past Sunday and did a great job. The video background I made here ran smoothly and it all went perfectly.

I love this program and still highly recommend it.