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Make Your Auto Gleam With Autoglym.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I want to talk about your plastic trim on your car, not the most talked about part of your pride & joy, but left intouched, it will soon go dull, grey, and flat. There are many products on the market these days, claiming to rejuvinate your plastgic, but most of these just seem to be a liquid boot polish. They add colour, and shine, but a day later, and you can see it going back exactly to what it was.

Autoglym is a wonderful product, it actually feeds your plastic, allowing the natural colour to show up, and giving it a treatment that will protect it from the Suns rays, rain, snow, dirt, salt, and all the detergents we use to wash our cars.

I bought a one Litre plastic bottle, which is a very economical way to buy this, although it will be quite a few years before it runs out. I forget how much I paid, but by buying at a show, you will get bargain prices. It was definately worth the money.

To use, simply wash your car as normal, and when dry, apply this stuff neat, to all plastic trims, (and it works on rubber to) with a cloth, use sparingly, it goes a long way. Once applied, allow to soak in, then buff off with a dry cloth, leaving a natural coloured plastic trim, just like when it left the factory.

Autoglym is a well established Company, and they do a wide range of car cleaning products. They specialise is selling complete packs of products, in their own valise, for a vast amount of money, however, as I said earlier, buy at a car show and you will expect to pay a lot less.

Take care of your car, this product certainly gets the Caretaker seal of approval.