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Makes Really Good Coffee

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strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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I bought the Oster coffee maker on sale at Canadian Tire for $39.99. I bought this coffee maker for my mom for Mothers day a few years ago, and she absolutely loves it, she loves it so much that when she poured the water in and set the timer for her 5am morning coffee, and a certain family member(ahem dad) got up in the morning and poured more water in and overflowed the water all over the kitchen counter and burned out the element on the coffee maker, my mom was so upset, not really because the coffee maker itself didnt work anymore, she has an old Black n Decker in the basement that still works so she could still have her morning coffee, she was upset because she always says that this coffee maker makes the best tasting coffee!! My dad even had to agree on that. So she had to get another one, the coffee in this pot is just so good!!

This coffee maker is very stylish, and looks good sitting on the kitchen counter, it has a big face clock on the front of the filter part of the system that glows a really pretty sky blue, and lights up the kitchen with a pretty soft blue glow at night or early in the morning when it is still datk out. The other buttons also have lights that glow, green, red and a brighter blue. There is a timer feature on this model, so you can set it to perk in the am or when you get home from work, when the coffee is ready the machine will be to let you know. It also has a knob so that you can set the temperature of the coffee!! The machine will also beep to let you know that it is turning off, if you still want to keep your coffee fresh you just need to press the reset button and it will stay on. The pot is a dome shape and is glass, i think i may have seen it also come in a thermal pot.

Update On Mar 03, 2010: So the other day this coffee maker blew up and sent sparks flying all over the place. My mom went back to her very old coffee maker she has had for YEARS that has never caused problems or let her down.

I also bought one for my friend's bridal shower, she has had it only for a month and the element started smoking and sizzling and that one has stopped working too. This is now three. I think there needs to be a recall on them.