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Mall Madness

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chesneychic By chesneychic on
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I had Mall Madness when I was a kid and although I couldn't remember much about it wanted to get it for my own kids but it was aged for 9 and up and my daughter was only 6 but when I saw it on sale I grabbed it. We play this game atleast once a week now and husband also plays with us. You get a shopping list with some money to start and atm card that also works as a purchase card. You press a button in the middle of the board and it tells you how many spaces to move. It also tells you where there are sales and clearance items at and it changes throughout the game. The object of the game is to go to the different stores and purchase 5 items off of your shopping list and get to the location that the game tells you too.

In order for you to purchase a item off of your list you have to swipe your atm card in the purchase slot then it will tell you if you are allowed to buy the item and for what amount then you give the cash to the banker. My kids do need some help with keeping track of the money and if they have enough to purchase the items if you run out of money or are running low you can go to the atm and it will tell you how much you are allowed to take out. I like this game because it is teaching the value of money and is doing it in a fun way. The only thing I don't like about the game is it takes a lot of set up work the first time you play it and it has 2 levels of stores so you have to take the second level down every time you play to get it to fit in the box.