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Mallo Cups For Gooey Deliciousness!!

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Out of the blue my husband has developed an obsession for Mallo Cups!! I brought home a 4 pack from the Dollar Store and now he can't stop asking for them.

I remember enjoying Mallo Cups 40 years ago when I was in school. Each lunch that I could afford to I would buy a Mallo Cup from the candy machine. I would save up the coin cards inside each package, which could be worth anywhere from a nickle to a dollar. When I had enough, I would send them in for free Mallo Cups! People are still doing this 73 years later, but now you can get free candy, a check for cash, or prizes.

Made by the Boyer Candy Company, Mallo Cups were the first cup candy made in the USA. Each Mallo Cup has the most delicious whipped marshmallow creme center which is surrounded with milk chocolate and coconut. I've always loved the crunch of the tiny coconut bits in the chocolate, and trying to lick up that marshmallow would turn my lips white!

Mallo Cups now come in many package sizes. There's the 2 pack size, which is what you would normally buy from a candy machine. You can also purchase a 4 pack, a snack size value bag, and a fun bites snack size bag.

Nutrition Facts (for those watching their calories).

Each 2 cup serving is .8 oz and contains 200 calories (90 of those from fat), the total fat is 10g = 21%, sodium is 40mg = 2%, and the total carbs is 28g = 9% (and of that 25% is sugar!). The percentages are the daily percent values based on a 2, 000 calorie diet.

Did you know there are over 2 million Mallo Cups made every day and it takes 20 tons of the creamy center to fill those cups? I told my hubby he might turn into a gooey marshmallow center if he's not careful! You can sign up on facebookto follow Boyer Candy if you're a fan of Mallo Cups or check them out on twitter.