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Man, Does This Thing Suck!

Reviewing: Master Vac 12 Gal/55 Ltr Wet/Dry Vac  |  Rating:
lexxia By lexxia on
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I've used one of the wet/dry vacs my husband has at the office and when he asked me to check out the one we had just purchased, I figured "piece of cake!" - obviously the one at the office has a lot of growing up to do because the difference between it and this particular model - well - this one simply sucks! A lot!

It grabbed onto my carpet and I'm almost embarrassed to say that in just our dining room I was able to locate literally a 1/4 cup of dirt, cat, dog fur and other odd tidbits of 'stuff'. The car & truck carpets - well they were another half cup given that we hadn't vacuumed them over the winter. It was a little unsettling to realize that our central vac which is a powerful unit unto itself, had not really been pulling all the dirt out of our carpets that it should have been.

This vacuum comes complete with a number of features - including a wheeled trolly cart that it sits on for easy mobility, a squeegie attachment, an attachment for the squeegie when larger volumes of liquid need to be cleaned up, a crevice tool, floor vaccum head, three different filters for both wet and dry vac application with anti-bacterial layering, an attachment that allows you to extend your regular vaccum hose and use it with the wet/dry vac, a leaf blowing function, auto shut off to avoid overflowing when large amounts of water or other fluids are vacuumed up, a water drain plug to allow for easy empty of liquids, an air control handle, 7' extenda hose and of course a utility bag that clips securely onto the trolly to hold all your cleaning/wiping and other supplies. Also included are three tube attachments which makes it easy to extend the vacuum into a full length section to easily vacuum floors, walls, ceilings of normal height, without straining your back or finding yourself bent over in order to get a good grip on the handle. All the attachments clip securely onto the vacuum making for easy and compact storage.

This machine literally power sucks to the point where I had difficulty getting it to let go of the floor. Yes, my husband seemed to enjoy that moment immensely - it was just too tempting to pass up - and so was my "losing control of the nozzle" and just happening to suck up a nice bit of his leg too - couldn't resist! By changing to the central vac hose however, it was still powerful enough to have a great deal of suction but not so much that I couldn't move it across the floor.

The things that could be improved on this vacuum are few - but important - the hose for one is not quite flexible enough nor extendable enough to really offer a lot of maneuverability and the power cord isn't long enough either - both coming at about 7' in length. I'm use to walking the full main floor area of the house with my central vac plugged into one outlet, so I find the hose and cord restrictive but with the ability to use the central vac hose with it, my length of reach is improved.

The other improvement could be a canister bag for dry debris - it would be much easier to simply add a bag and then remove it once done than it is to remove the top and tip out the dirt you've managed to gather. With it's 11 A motor though it's certainly powerful enough to allow us to overlook those few things and with a 3 Year Warranty, based on its relatively sturdy molded body, I think this will serve us quite well for some time - that is unless my husband decides he needs one "identical" to it at the shop - which could very well happen now that he has had the chance to compare this unit to the one he has at the office.

For the price we paid for it, I think we got a decent machine that definitely has the power to get the job done both wet and dry and in comparison to actual ShopVac's I've used - this one seems to have the ability to stand side by side and compete quite readily.

Overall, we're pleased with this purchase.