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Mandalas Galore

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Mandala's are circles, squares, rectangles, octagons...almost any shape with geometric shapes intricately woven within them and when colored they become incredible, personalized kaleidoscopes of rich, unique color. Creating and coloring Mandalas has a calming effect on a person, it allows you to be an artist, to go within that special place where artists go to lose track of time, space and awareness and be one with the art and think of little else while creating it.

The year that we moved back to our 'good luck' city after a horrendous few years I decided to begin a journey that I'd left behind. It was a journey that I'd started when I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but that I'd lost touch with in 2001 when a number of things took place that threw me off base. I wanted to get my 'inner peace' back again.

I became drawn to the colorful, intricate Mandala. Creating art for me has been a therapeutic journey which has allowed me to lose myself within it especially during those times when I'm having a lot of pain. I'd seen the Mandalas For Meditation Gift set at the local Chapters Book store a few months prior to Christmas a few years ago and wanted to pick it up for those times when I just wanted to color, no drawing involved and just lose myself.

For Christmas that year my oldest daughter presented me with the Mandalas for Meditation and another book set for Chinese Calligraphy. Both are published by Sterling Publishing and although not incredible quality, they are nicely done and can easily be left on a coffee or end table without looking out of place.

The Mandala set includes 80 black and white pre-drawn Mandalas, each rendition holds a variety of geometric shapes within it's boundary waiting for the 'artist' to color them with the set of 10 pencil crayons that come with the book. Although the pencil crayons are fine, I prefer my Prismacolor pencils because I have 120 different colors to choose from then and can really make the Mandalas truly unique.

The gift set comes in its own binder and includes a 63 page booklet about the history of Mandalas, how they are used for meditation and gives a good over view of the numerous types of Mandalas and their meanings, uses etc.

The 80 sheets and pencils are housed in their own casings and after you have completed coloring them, the cardboard stock they are printed on is suitable for framing. Although I haven't yet used too many of these for meditation, I have kept the gift set in my living room for those times when I just want to sit and relax and color.

The designs offered in this set are varied and they've also inspired me to begin creating some of my own which I am beginning to incorporate into a series of Fantasy airbrush prints. This set is one of my all time favorite Christmas gifts not only because it allows me to 'get lost' easily but also because my daughter took the time to give me something that truly is meaningful to me and it has become a very special part of my collection.