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Manhattan Toy Floppy Lion

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We used to go to my grandma's sister's house for Christmas eve every year when I was younger and we'd have a nice family dinner. It was me, my sister, my mom, my dad, my grandma, her sister, her sisters husband, my dads aunt and her husband. They'd always get us kids gifts and when I was 7 my Aunt got me this beutiful stuffed lion. I fell in love with him from the night I opened him up and he literally hasn't left my side since. I named him Floppy because well that's what he is a floppy lion.

Floppy was with me through everything bad times at school, being picked on, bad grades, being grounded, stupid boyfriends, fights with friends and when I was sick. Then I decided that when someone in my house was sick he could sleep with them for the time while I was at school or whatever and they'd feel better. He was with my sister when ever she was sick, was with my mom when she was sick and when she had her surgery and was with my dad in and out of the hospital and he was in his arms when he died. I wanted my dad to be burried with him but mom was afraid they'd throw him away so she made me take him home.

Needless to say he's been through a lot of tears and it shows. His hair is matted, scruffy, his ribbon no longer stays on his neck, his color is faded and he has a hole in his arm. For going through all of that and being loved so much he is surviving much longer then I ever thought and I hope he's around for a really long time. Looking on Ebay I found one for 75 dollars as the buy it now price and one for 60 without a ribbon around his neck.

I was perplexed by the price seeing as how it couldn't have cost that much my aunt got him from a gift shop at a hospital but they're the only two I've ever found so maybe they were rare? A lot of people would say he's probably disease ridden but I don't think so. A lot of people call him a bear and he is not a bear he is a lion that does irriate me more then it should. I don't know much about the Manhattan toy company nowadays but I can say that floppy is still around and it's been almost 17 years come this december.

He's not brand new or fluffy like the night I got him but he's withstood a lot of love, sickness and loss. He sleeps with me every night I lay my head on his stomach, I take him with me when I stay the night somewhere and when on car trips he's right there with me. I am going to start being more careful with him now with a hole in his arm and finding that brought me very close to tears. So I can say he was worth whatever he cost and I'd prefer him to a brand new one any day.

The last 3 pictures of Floppy and Teddy Ruxpin since I couldn't get a picture of mine for my other review at the time :) I'm looking for another pirate patch for Teddy's eye since his broke but I don't think we have anymore :(