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Mankind Needs A Hero, Or A Villian Will Do...

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Well, that puts a handle on it wouldn't you say?

Those creative minds at Bethesda Game Studios have really cut out the stops with this one.

With tremendous talent like Liam Neeson, Malcolm Mcdowell, Ron Perlman and more in the voice cast.

Texture rich graphics, streaming video, story, amazing geo-accuracy, and an on-going kudos list I couldn't even begin to relate, this game is hard for me to describe with any due-accuracy or credit, it will play you to the bone.

F3 was/is my firsthand introduction to "The Wasteland", though I know a few alumni of game versions one and two, and have heard much about the story and game play prior to my own induction.

Remember the Matrix? Talk about a red pill/blue pill! A friend and I tag teamed one character through an entire week over the holidays, hour after intense totally immersed hour of game pursuit. It was ridiculous!

He's got grandkids for heck's sake! You would have thought we had the first t.v. set on the block or something! One thing is for sure, if you want this game, you better have a serious box to play it on.

It's about as close to starring and directing (within story parameters) your own animated movie as I've ever gotten.


I still miss it!

My pc can't hack it. Way to much video requirement!

I'm not even going to try to summarize the story. But if you're a gammer, thinking about it, a first person shooter, don't care for on-line villages, witchcraft, etc. If you just like a good story and L O T's of action.

It's probably time for you to FALL OUT.

$40.+ to $100. Will put it in your hands brand new, everywhere! There even in my local 7-11!