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Mannington Sobella Supreme Flooring

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We have Mannington Sobella Supreme vinyl flooring laid in our new home. We have two different design types, hardwood-look and ceramic tile-look. To look at this flooring when it is laid flat, it is the most believeable vinyl flooring that I have ever seen. It is textured and matte, and so looks almost ideantical to tile or wood when looking down at it from a standing position. However, it come with a 20 year warrenty that garuntees it will not rip, tear, or gouge. Since haveing our flooring professionally installed we have discovered a cut in one floor and most recently, a large wrinkle in the other. We had a professional come look at it, and we were informed that it was installed incorrectly. While I am impressed by the believable look of this flooring, the matte texture causes certain things to stick to it and not be lifted by a broom or mop, causeing you to have to get down on your knees and scrape it free from the floor. I would however still recommend this flooring to someone who is planning to install it themselves, or to someone who has the time to watch the installers they hire like a hawk to ensure that they install it correctly, because if it is installed wrong, that believable look that makes it cost more will be ruined by a wrinkle. This flooring is not intended to be glued down or glued at the edges, it is intended to be floating flooring, held in place only by quarter round finishing wood, so MAKE SURE if you buy this flooring that NO GLUE OR ADHESIVE is used in the installation.

Update On Apr 03, 2008: We are still waiting to have our flooring repaired or replaced, due to the wrinkleing caused by the installation problem. In an attempt to protect others in my area from suffering such poor service I will inform all reading this that my flooring was installed by Nova Scotia Building Supplies outside of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. I do not recommend that anyone purchase anything from this store after my experience. You can purchase this product from other stores.

Be aware of who you are hiring:

If you are purchaseing flooring in Lunenburg County, NS, Canada please send me a message requesting full real names of people to avoid buying anything from. Protect yourself.

Update On Apr 22, 2008: Mannington called me again to see if my floors were fixed yet. They told me that they told Nova Scotia Building Supplies that the problem was an installation issue and to come out and repair it some time ago, and that they would call them and tell them again. That was 4 days ago. As of yet we have heard nothing from Nova Scotia Building Supplies. Mannington is fulfilling thier responsibilities but Nova Scotia Building Supplies is not cooperateing with anyone.