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Maple Story

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By Victor Le on
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Maple Story is a game originally from Korea, word of it got spread and now you can play it in places such as Japan, China, North America, South East Asia, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe and Hong Kong. Maple Story is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). You play as an anime-like character in a 2 dimensional world. There are a lot to do in this game, you can do quests, party quests, kill monsters, level up, and have fun at the same time.

In Maple Story, you start as a "beginner" who levels up by following orders and killing monsters. After a while you may change from a beginner to another class (warrior, mage, archer, theif). From that class if you level up enough you can become a stronger form of what your character used to be. Also as you level up you get to put 3 points into any skill you want, the moves in this game are fun to use. You can shoot an arrow of fire, do a combo of hits, make an explosive shot, devastate the whole screen with a ferocious roar if you put your points into the right skill.

As you level up you can wear different armors and use stronger weapons, of course in order to do so you must purchase it. To get the meso (money) to buy these, you must take the items a monster drops after death or from quest. You can also buy items that heal, or affect your status. With real money transferred into the game, you are able to buy some nifty stuff. You can dress your character up in some trendy/goofy clothes. You can use real money to buy pets, make a shop and more.

Quests are one of the things that make Maple Story fun. To do a quest you talk to a NPC (non-playable character) who looks like s/he is in need of help. They will tell you what they want and if you do the deed, you will be rewarded with experience, items, equipment, or mesos. Party Quests are another form of quest. Party quests are quest you do with a group of other players who have the requirements (who would have thought). The quest involves teamwork, you and your party will be teleported to a new place and are asked to either kill monsters, solve puzzles, or a mixture of both. The key to a successful part quest is teamwork.

The graphics is unique. The characters can wear lots of different garment from NBA star to a Preschooler. The background is also well. There are many places resembling prehistoric, urban, lego and other themed maps. They have a whole collection of monsters. There are pigs, dinosaurs, giant sharks, candles, bunnies, giant flying beasts and many more monsters.

The game will get you hooked at first, and it will for quite some time. It was time well spent when I've played. After a while I gave up on the game because I played too much and didn't go out at all for months beside going to buy grocery and university (no lies). The game will have you hooked and you can't get loss. Try your hardest to not become an addict.