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Marble Really Is Best

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When my husband gets me a gift for no reason or occasion, it is usually something I can use in the kitchen. I think it's his way of supporting my love of baking and making sure that he gets an unending supply of homemade cookies all in one go. =)

I had a wooden rolling pin, but Dan had mentioned several times that he wanted to get me a marble one. He had heard that they were so much better, and thought that I should have one. I tried to deter him for some time, as those things usually cost about fifty dollars, a price I just wasn't willing to pay for a rolling pin, but when we stumbled upon this one at such a deep discount, we didn't have a second thought.

Well, the difference is amazing! He was definitely right about marble being better. I find that my new one glides much smoother, and that dough does not stick to it as much. It is also much heavier than my lightweight wooden one, which makes it ideal for thicker and denser doughs like pie crust, and chilled dough, like shortbread. It flattens it out with less effort and in less time.

I also like that this pin came with a little wooden cradle. Now when I set it down, I don't have to worry about it rolling away. It also stays put in the cupboard this way, which is a nice change. No more searching for my run-away rolling pin!

Marble rolling pins work better, are built to last forever, it seems, and are even an attractive accessory. If you get the chance, buy marble!