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Marc Euro Shoes A Expensive Mistake!

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chesneychic By chesneychic on
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My daughter recently went through a shoe faze where I bought about 6 different pairs of shoes in less than two months and every time we would go to leave she would have no shoes. Either they didn't fit or weren't fashionably acceptable for a nine year old. I had been fighting with her for weeks and finally decided to break down and buy yet another pair of sneakers for our upcoming Disney trip. She found a pair at jcpenney's that she liked they are called Red and were made by Marc Euro they are white leather shoes and have a heart on the side with a sword going through it. The heart has an angel halo on it. They also have rhinestones and two different red birds on them. They say heartbreakers' crew on them. They also have rhinestones on the backs and sides of the shoes and roses on the back. It also has a heart with angel wings on the bottom of the shoe lace. The laces also have glitter on them.

I never even looked at the price because I had been so frustrated with the whole process then I went to the counter to checkout and they were $68.00. I don't even pay that for my own shoes but figured okay this will be a pair of very good sneakers and they will last.

Not even a month after I bought the shoes the front lip of the sneaker is starting to pull apart. I tried to take them back but couldn't find my receipt and my daughter used the box for a craft project. They are stylish shoes and she has received tons of compliments but unfortunately the quality is not very good and especially for the price.