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Marcal Paper Towels Pure Recycled Stuff

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Whilst browsing one of the aisles in a local Staples store, initially, I had been looking for some chocolate and other candies (note - this was during Halloween season) that would come in big packs and "enough and reasonable" for the price. I grabbed me a Hershey's and a Reeses' pack, and suddenly, once I glanced at a particular section - that being the "maintenance", it then hit me that I had been wanting to get a big pack of paper towels instead of having to buy roll by roll pretty much every other day or so.

I looked at a couple, and after a couple of seconds, I was on my way with a case of not one, not two, not three... but FIFTEEN rolls, all at the convenience of a good 'ol case. Once I got home, I quickly proceeded on opening it, since in my house, there can't be a day wherein someone would be careful enough not to spill anything on the floor.

Sad stuff indeed, but that aside - I purposefully dropped a decent amount of juice on the floor, and by that being the case, I guess you can say that I was that desperate in wanting to see how "good" they were, as compared to other paper towels from other brands. Surprisingly enough somehow, they still felt as if they could be "reused" whereas they would be able to clean another spill - and this was after cleaning the entire floor with just one and ONLY one.

Impressed I was as a result, and overall, satisfied since honestly, it would have had been frustrating to find yourself in a position in which you'd feel robbed for spending - no, rather wasting 22 bucks on something that you'd consider essential as far as "housekeeping" items go and have a sense of urgency for. Oh, and not to mention, they're pretty soft in regards to the "feel" - so no worries there when it comes to drying up the hands. As it says, these are indeed 100% recycled, and quite frankly, I wasn't really expecting anything durable out of these - and boy was I ever wrong!