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Marcelle I Love You!

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At 5:30 a.m. after several hours of sandwich making I imagine that my head wasn't on quite straight Saturday when my youngest daughter asked me to take her to a nearby 24 hour drug mart to purchase nail polish, but off I went just the same and actually I'm glad I did, otherwise I'd not found this terrific little product.

I've used several products from the Marcelle line and have really liked them. Unfortunately, many of them have been quite expensive and personally I have a hard time justifying the costs at times. The newest product on our store shelves however is one that is not only reasonably priced but it's also one of the best under eye concealer products I've ever used!

With an ingredient called 'Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres' this particular under cover corrector works with the water found naturally in the skin to smooth out and plumb up fine lines and usually because I laugh and smile a lot :) when I've applied other under eye cover creams, I've usually had to smooth them out throughout the day/evening, but with Marcelle's once it was applied, I didn't touch it again til I took my makeup off at 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning. It really worked beautifully. It also has 'light reflecting pigments' which helps to relfect lighting in just the right way so that the eyes look brighter and less tired. After only 3 hours sleep before the big family event, I was pretty certain I'd need all the help I could get and Marcelle's Under eye concealer delivered with perfection!

With additional Vitamin A and B, this palette of Universal Corrector (yellow) and 3 different shades of concealers went on incredibly smoothly and I do not lie when I say that this is probably the first product that has successfully covered and totally hidden my under eye darkness so completely. I absolutely love this product!

The universal corrector is a yellow hue that is used first. Simply brushing it on with light strokes under the eye area you wish to conceal is the start of its magic. The corrector goes on smoothly, very creamy yet turns into a very light powder like consistency once blended. However, unlike powders, this particular product doesn't cause any lines or creases and there is almost no tell tale evidence at all that you are wearing anything at all.

The Concealers can be mixed and matched to produce a color that is perfect for your skin tone and again, using the brush included with the compact, light feathery strokes allow you to place the concealer exactly where you want it. A little goes a long way with this product as well and you don't need a great deal of it to get the results you require.

I let my daughter, who is a makeup junkie, apply my makeup for the day and when she was completed, except for my eye makeup which I had wanted more dramatic, you couldn't tell I had any make up on at all. The look was fresh, radiant and very light.

Unlike some concealers I've used, this particular product didn't have to be reapplied later in the evening. It also didn't grab any of my eye makeup under neath my eyes. My made up look remained quite flawless til well after 2:00 a.m. the following morning. I was exhausted but my makeup was still raring to go and the best thing was that I didn't look exhausted!

I will rarely want to purchase two of anything, but this particular concealer quad is one that I intend to. At the retail price of $11.99 before coupon, this product is well worth every cent and unlike other concealers that claim to cover flawlessly yet leave you looking pretty caked, this one remains smooth and fresh til you take it off.

I absolutely love this product and hopefully it will be around for some time. A great purchase that does what it claims it will and does it flawlessly!