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Marine Cuisine Frozen Fish Food

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I have a saltwater aquarium, and I try to give its inhabitants good food, just like I would with any pet. I have gotten to like Marine Cuisine for my fish very much (and they seem to like it as well).

Marine Cuisine is a San Francisco Bay Brand, is highly nutritious, and is for all saltwater carnivores. It contains brine shrimp, krill, mysis and many other ingredients, and when I feed this food to my fish, they quickly devour it.

Marine Cuisine comes in blister packs, and I usually chop up one frozen cube and, along with another type of frozen food, feed it to my fish mixed in with a cupful of aquarium water. I just pour it into the aquarium and watch the fish have a feeding frenzy.

My only problem with Marine Cuisine is that my local Petsmart does not always carry it. Today I paid a visit to the store because I needed to stock up on more Marine Cuisine, and they were out. But that is a stocking problem with the store, not a problem with the food itself.

Marine Cuisine seems to be a very nutritious food that my fish enjoy. That's OK by me.