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Mario Blasts Off To Space Once Again!

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Nintendo Video Space Super 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the popular sequel to Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. Mario is back for more galaxy travelling and this time he has new power ups and an old friend to help him out!

Super Mario galaxy 2 is just like Mario Galaxy in terms of gameplay, story objectives, and graphics and to a certain extent the type of music which is played through out the game. Mario Galaxy 2 is a sequel in one way and in other ways not. Mario Galaxy 2 plays just like Mario Galaxy 1 but the story side of things are not the same it’s just like Mario galaxy 1 was never created! The story in Mario galaxy 2 is almost the same as galaxy 1, princess peach invites Mario to her castle to watch the star festival, of course nothing in a Mario game goes to plan and Bowser is already there and is attacking the castle and kidnaps peachy (surprise, surprise!) But this time there is a bit of twist because this time Bowser is HUGE! But before Mario can do anything about it Bowser races off deep into the galaxy, but as always Mario is determined to find Bowser and get the princess back with the help from the Lumas (the star like creatures in the first Mario Galaxy) Mario is able to transport to a starship where it appears Bowser has wreaked havoc their too. Mario learns that in order for the starship to run they need the help of the power stars, so Mario agrees to get the stars back so the Lumas can roam the galaxy again and so Mario can rescue peach, and once you agree to this little contract with the Lumas they use the last of their power to turn the plain boring sphere spaceship into Mario’s head! And they rename it starship Mario!

In terms of gameplay if you have played Mario Galaxy 1 before you will find it exactly the same, Mario has the same moves including all the jumps and the spin attack he can perform by shaking the Wii remote. Mario’s objective is to collect the power stars so starship Mario can advance until they find Bowser. Of course like every Mario game in order to obtain the power stars Mario must complete a certain challenge to earn the star. There is a difference in Mario galaxy 2 however, this time the galaxies are set out in worlds just like the old Mario games so world 1 has a few galaxies and they are the easiest ones, then eventually you progress to world 2 then 3 etc. So the only hub level in Mario Galaxy 2 is starship Mario which is a lot smaller to the hub levels we are used to in 3D Mario games. In order to progress on the world map Mario must at least obtain one power star in the galaxy so the starship can move on, but sometimes Mario must obtain a certain amount of power stars to move on.

One of the great things about Mario Galaxy 2 is the galaxies, they are many of them and not one of them feels the same unlike Mario Galaxy 1 where some of the galaxies felt the same. The challenges to get the power stars are varied and fun but sometimes can be hard. The one thing about Mario Galaxy 2 is it is a much harder game than galaxy 1 there may be some things in Galaxy 2 which are the same in galaxy 1 but the difficulty is not one of them, the challenges are harder, the bosses are tough and the comets which change the scenario of a galaxy can be very hard to deal with. One of the great things about Mario Galaxy 2 is the inclusion of Mario’s long time dinosaur buddy Yoshi! Yoshi can swallow certain enemies and turn them into star bits which Mario can collect to progress in the game, he can swing from branches to help Mario reach high places, and he can swallow bullet bills and fire them out of his mouth to give the bad guys a taste of their own medicine!

Mario Galaxy 2 is a great game, but I still prefer the original most probably because Mario Galaxy 2 is nearly exactly the same as galaxy 1 except with some improvements. I’m not keen on how the maps are laid out, in a 2D Mario game it’s a good idea but in a 3D Mario game it just seems to take depth from the game. But saying all these bad things about Mario Galaxy 2, these are the only bad things about the game everything else is great the galaxies are more varied than the first, the inclusion of yoshi and luigi is a great idea and works well, the music is even better in Mario Galaxy 2 the orchestrations in the game are mind blowing and give what only a Mario game can give to everyone. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a great game and is defiantly a must buy even if you own the first game it may see a bit samey and not as in depth, but it is still a great 3D Mario game.