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Mario Goes Mobile!

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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Super Mario land for the game boy was Mario's first game for the handheld system. It doesn't disappoint either, this Mario game plays just like the other 2D super Mario games and plays very well on the gameboy.

Everything that made the other 2D Mario games excellent is present here, for example the great designed levels, the different power ups available and the music is very catchy is well. The story is the same as nearly every Mario game where the princess is captured but it's not peach who is kidnapped this time it is Daisy!

The gameplay itself as I said before is just like any 2D Mario game: make your way through each level avoiding minions and pits to get to the end of the level classic platforming! The levels in super Mario land are actually quite difficult but are quite varied and are quite addictive to play. In super Mario land there are levels where Mario is either in a plane or a submarine. These levels play a little different Mario has to shoot enemies whilst making his way to the end of the level to destroy the boss who waits. These levels are good to play and give you a break from the platforming levels.

Super Mario land is a great game boy game addictive Mario gameplay and classic Mario power up items and the levels are great as well. The only bad thing about super Mario land is the graphics are not great (I know it's on the gameboy but check out the super Mario land 2 graphics which are a lot better) the enemies seem very small and hard to jump on to defeat them these are really the only drawbacks for the game. All in all super Mario land is a great game to get for the gameboy I mean come on you get to play Mario on the go great stuff!!