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Mario Kart Wii

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When I was growing up we had a Super Nintendo System and the original Mario Kart game. We used to have nightly family tournaments playing that game! As we got older and life became more busy, we didn't get to play as much. One day we just never brought the system out again and my brother decided to take it to his new apartment. I thought the Mario Kart days were over.

My brother and I have each now bought a Wii (when we could get our hands on one). The day I was the commercial for the new Mario Kart game for the Wii, I started yelling for joy! Before I knew it, my brother had bought it! He brought it over when we had our Mother's Day party at my house. We all picked up our "friendly competitive spirit" just like we never stopped playing.

Mario Kart Wii is very similar to the original Super NES game. You can still choose who you want to be based on certain skills, choose from many different courses, race 1 on 1, race in a group, race in a tournament, or even race against a ghost of yourself. You can also still challenge someone in battle mode, where you try to pop all their balloons using weapons.

The new features to this game include being able to choose racing with a kart or a dirt bike, new weapons to use during the race, a new battle mode called coin battle, and the ability to connect to race with people worldwide using the Wi-Fi feature.

Because you use the Wii remote just like a steering wheel, the game comes with a wheel you can put the remote into. You can hold the wheel just like you do in a car. Personally, I didn't see or feel a difference in using the wheel with the remote compared to just using the remote.

I plan on buying this game still, but so far I have only rented it from the video store for a week. It didn't come with the wheel when I rented it, so I'm getting used to not using the wheel. When I buy the game I will try using the wheel again, but I do not suggest going out and buying additional wheels.

I love hooking up on Wi-Fi and racing people all over the world. I also hooked up directly with my brother so we could race just him against I. It did take a little time for the Wi-Fi to connect directly to another Wii, but we eventually figured it out and hooked up in our own private room.

I love this game and would recommend it to anyone who loves to race. If you have never played it before it might take a few races to get used to the controls and layout of the courses, but it is easy to figure out. This is not a game for small kids though. I think it would be best for users 8 and older due to the difficulty of some of the courses.