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Mario Party 8: Great Game For Friends And Families

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shinz83 By shinz83 on
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Mario Party has a great concept: fun, quick games for group fun. Mario Party 8 does not stray very far from its predecessors. It sticks to the model of a game board turn-taking and mini-games after each round of turns.

The new games are quite fun. However, they can be repetitive. The motions required by the Wii Remote gameplay are repeated throughout a variety of games. It seems at times as if Nintendo has just changed the backdrop and kept the shaking and rotating the same in each mini-game.

Mario Party 8 is family friendly and can be played by all ages. It is great for parents and children seeking quality family time, and yet is able to provide a quality and fun experience at the frat house.

Mario Party 8 offers six game boards, which leaves me wanting more. I wish Nintendo would head down the same road they did with Mario Kart, by reviving maps and boards from previous installments of the series. Mario Party 2 still remains the best installment.