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Reviewing: Luxor Ohp Parmanent Marker  |  Rating:
triptibaby By triptibaby on
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Luxor is a company which is continuously producing office stationeries, specially pens and markers. My husband prefers their products for his office works and I get to use them for my personalize uses too as he always keeps some spares in his drawer. The Luxor OHP permanent marker is one such product from Luxor which I frequently use for varied activities. He generally uses his pens to underline some of his special notes and to mark some of the office items like computer monitor, printer, calculator, etc. The permanent marker pen looks like the general pen that we use for regular writing purposes. It writes little thicker than that of regular ink pens and the color is bright. It comes in a plastic body and is of the sketch pen type at the head. There is a pointed edge for writing with and the pointed edge is connected with the marker. The pen is generally used to write over the surface of metal, plastics, glass, fibers, etc. and it leaves a permanent marking over the area. I use the pen to write names over the CD so that I can clearly know from the surface itself what the CD contains in it. I need not have to load it to my CD or DVD drive to check out its contents. The pen is comfortable to hold and writes smoothly and though it is a marker pen, it writes very fine and one can write with the ease of writing with a ball point pen. I love the smoothness it gives while writing over the CD surface. I had even marked my kitchen containers for their contents at the body of the containers and I don't have to open all the look-alike containers to find which contains what. It is fun writing with the pen and my husband sometimes scolds me for using the marker pen to write names everywhere. The pen comes in varied colors and the variety I had seen so far is blue and green. But on asking my husband he informed me that this pen comes in a variety of color including my favorite pink. The mark lasts for long if you don't rub the written surface regularly. The names written over the CDs are as such but the names over my kitchen containers are fading away after about 4 months of marking. Still I appreciate the quality it gives for marking things. Bottom line: If you need to mark something permanently, you can use these Luxor permanent markers. I appreciate them for ease of use and fineness in writing.