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Mark Walburg Need I Say More

Reviewing: Not Sure Who Made This Movie The Happening With Mark Walburg  |  Rating:
jackieh22032 By jackieh22032 on
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A couple of weeks ago my fiance and I rented a couple of movies and The Happening was one of the ones that I wanted to see. So we watched the movie and it was a total waste of time.

Lets say I was not all impressed with the movie. I did not think it made any sense to me. It took me awhile to figure out what was the plot of the movie and what was going on in the movie. Do not get me wrong I think Mark Walburg is a great actor, just the movie was really not that great.

I could not figure out what everyone was dying of and what everyone was running from. It turns out that the trees in the movie were the ones killing people, but could not figure out how they were doing it. I am thinking it must have let off a scent from itself that was poison and releasing it into the air.

I would not reccomend this movie to anyone. I think it was just a waster of time to watch it when I could hhave been watching something interesting to begin with and that I liked.