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Marked By P.C. Cast And Kristen Cast

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"Marked" by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast is yet another vampire book. Don't be so negative, though, it is a REALLY good vampire book. Written for the older teenage female readers, the main character "Zoey Redbird" is easy to identify with, even for "older" female readers like me. There are a total of five books in this series labeled "The House of Night." That is the name of the school that "marked" teenagers go to until they become real vampires. Zoey becomes marked at school one day and ends up fighting with her "very moral church going" mom and stepdad. Thank God for her Native American Grandmother who supports her all along the way. Find out how Zoey becomes accepted at her new school and how she adapts to becoming marked. Will she just another marked teenager or will she be a wonderful exception and be the hero everyone is looking for? Find out in this first book of this exciting new series!

=My opinion==

Of course I love this book. I refuse to write reviews on books I don't love. I adored the teenage setting and witty writing that is so mesmerizing you will find yourself flipping through pages so rapidly yet hoping it will never end. I do admit, at times it is a bit hokey and does at times feel like the authors are just trying too hard to be teenagers. Even with that said, I recommend this book to any female, especially ones that love vampire stories. This book will keep you page turning until you are finished so be sure to set aside a good chunk of time before you start reading it!