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Married To Alan Jackson

Reviewing: It's All About Him: Finding The Love Of My Life Author: Denise Jackson  |  Rating:
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Most women would think that being married to Alan Jackson would be a perpetual fairytale. That's what Denise Jackson thought also. But because they got married at such an early age, they both had a lot of growing up to do.

With Alan's popularity steadily rising, Denise felt that she lost herself. She and Alan went through a separation, and Denise had to find the ability to forgive her husband for infidelity. She found her strength in God, the true love of her life. She surrendered to God, and let go of trying to be in control, and trusted God to heal their marriage. It wasn't easy to find their way back to love, but with God's help, they reunited.

In 1998, they renewed their vows, and Denise wrote this book to help others who might be struggling in a marriage. She wrote it to give hope and inspiration. Alan also wrote a song which is included with the book on an attached CD. It's called, "It's All About Him", and it expresses that the focus in our lives should be God first, and with His help and guidance, everything else will fall into place. Denise discovered that happiness could not be found in possessions, fame, or a handsome husband. Happiness comes from within, and true joy comes from the Lord. When two people are whole, and they come together in a partnership (and a loving relationship), then they can build on that foundation and find happiness together, as the two become one.

As it turns out, life did have a fairytale ending for Denise and Alan, but not without total surrender, forgiveness, and commitment to God's principles. It's an easy enjoyable read, and you won't want to put it down.