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Martha Stewart Collector Boxes

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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Say what you will about Martha Stewart but the woman has style. Even so, I can rarely afford to buy any of her products, even if she does sell them at K-Mart. But when I saw these Martha Stewart Collector Boxes on sale at Michael's Crafts I snatched them up. They regularly sell for $17.99, which is a ridiculous price, but I happened across a clearance sell and got them for $3.99 each. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Anyway, the purpose of these boxes is to display small collector items like an insect or Butterfly collection or anything else small and lightweight enough to be secured with the specimen pins that are included. Actually, I also glued some smaller, flatter items directly onto the foam insert and it looked fine.

The lid of the box has a scalloped design and features a clear plastic window for viewing the collection pieces. You attach items to a satin covered foam insert which sits in the bottom piece of the box. The lid slips down over the bottom piece. There is a ribbon attachment on the back of the box on the horizontal and the vertical so you can hang them on the wall if desired.

I used mine to display old costume jewelry that belonged to my mother and grandmother. I also included a few pieces of odds and ends that were pretty, like pieces of colored glass and china I found at an old homestead. The boxes are made of cardboard so they would be easily crushed if handled too roughly but should hold up well if hung on a wall out of reach of curious hands.

I would never pay $17.99 for a card board box no matter whose name was attached to it but at half price these would be a bargain and at $3.99 they were a steal. Here is a hint if you decide to go searching for some of these boxes. Unless you are, indeed, displaying Butterflies don't bother with the specimen pins. You will have much better luck with ½ inch appliqué' and sequin pins. These were just right for securing jewelry to the foam insert.

Overall, I would highly recommend these boxes but with the notice that they are, in my opinion, overpriced unless on sale.