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Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Is Awesome!

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I love to craft but have never been a big fan of glitter until I tried Martha Stewart Crafts glitter and now I am hooked.

I have seen her demonstrate glitter on the Martha Stewart show many times but always thought glitter was all the same. For Halloween I needed to glitter the crown that I was wearing with my costume so I picked up a few bottles of Martha's glitter in the colors I needed. As soon as I tried it, I knew this glitter was different than anything I had used before and I fell in love with it so for Christmas, I asked Santa for more.

What I got was the 18 color gemstone glitter set and a 12 pack of her new tinsel glitter. Each set contains 0.037 oz individual vials of beautifully colored glitter. What makes this glitter special is the color and quality. A little bit of it goes a long way and gives beautiful coverage. The bottles are also smartly designed with a shaker top on them so you can carefully sprinkle out just the right amount, exactly where you need it so there is very little waste. Be sure to use you glitter over a clean piece of paper and catch any excess that falls off and when you are done, take the top off the bottle and put it back in.

These packages were a gift but I know they carry them at both Michaels and Wal-Mart. The everyday price is cheaper at Wal-Mart but if you have a Michaels coupon, that comes out to be a better deal. Martha has hundreds of types and colors of glitter available in her collection from very fine to course and once you have tried it, you may become a fan too.

Update On Mar 29, 2010: I just got done with my daughters Sweet 16 party and I glittered a ton of stuff for it including the invitations, the favors and many different decorations. This glitter is so good and covers so well that I ended up using less than 1 small bottle for all of it so a little goes a long way. I have to say it was a ton of fun too.

Update On Jul 12, 2010: Martha Stewart Crafts and craft products are so popular that they now have a Martha Stewart Craft Studio at Beaches Resorts. One of the classes they teach is glittering and some fabulous ways to use it to make memories of your vacation.