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Martha Stewart's Menus For Entertaining

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I love cook books and have a large collection of them. When I get a new one, I sit down and go through it page by page marking recipes that sound wonderful to try. My daughter knows I strive to be my own little Martha Stewart so a she had her Dad buy me one of Martha's books as a gift.

The book they purchased me was Martha Stewart's Menus for Entertaining. This is a book that has 20 different menus in it that are designed around special occasions such as baby showers and birthday dinners. I am not one for throwing large parties so this would not have been a book that I would have run out and purchased for myself. I have not tried to prepare a whole menu yet but I have used several of the individual recipes by themselves.

Each chapter of this book is separated into sections that highlight each of the occasions. Each one starts with an introduction to the particular celebration and it has pictures with ideas for decor and table setting and what the whole look of the party should be. It then goes into the entire planned menu and shows the recipes for each of the items that is featured on it. The book contains some really nice pictures of both the decor ideas and the foods. In true Martha style though many of the recipes are large and complicated. These unfortunately are the types of things that would not appeal to the average home cook. There are a few in there though that are worth a try.

I can not say that this is one of my favorite books that I have in my collection but I have gotten a few good recipes and some wonderful decorating ideas from it. If you do throw lots or parties and are looking for some good ideas, this may be a book for you. If you are a home cook who wants some new recipes, I would say to look for another book.