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Marvel Comics For The Ipod,Ipad,Iphone

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Brian Skrzypek By Brian Skrzypek on
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As most of you know by now, Apple has released the new Ipad along with new applications that test the ipad's capability. These new applications in the app store are compatible with the ipad and other Apple products, such as the ipod touch or the iphone. Today, I will be looking an application that was made for all three of these products: Marvel Comics. If any of you do not know, Marvel is the producer of famous comics such as Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk. Marvel had this great idea to make comics electronic and easier to follow along, which is done in this great application. I'm going to test this product out on the ipod touch 8gb 2nd gen, a bit old but it still gets the job done. Once finished downloading, your presented with this nice looking icon and it pretty much is tempting you to go ahead and open it up. The opening screen presents you with the title "Marvel Comics" and has a picture of Wolverine, Captain America, and I'm gonna guess Spidergirl (correct me if im not even close haha). After the screen loads, you will be presented with the comics that are featured on the main page such as "The Amazing Spider-Man #519" and "Iron Man". These are cool and all, but I don't think that you would want to read the comics on the featured page due to the $2 price attached to them. The only complaint that I have against this application is that the $2 price is placed on almost every single one of these comics, including the ones that are not even good. My favorite place in this application is the "free" tab, which is located on the bottom of the screen. As you will learn sooner or later, I'm a cheap guy so I like free stuff (just an fyi). Now, the comics are not changed from the original versions at all in this application. You will still get the full Marvel experience and a little bit more due to the way you read electronic comics. For example, lets say we are reading "Spiderman" and Peter Parker says, "Oh no! theres trouble", you will tap the screen and it will do a dramatic effect if another sentence is in the same frame (you will now see Parker's statement and Green Goblin's response). It truly brings you into the comic experience, even for people that have never read a comic before (such as myself). The main points about this product are that it makes reading comics enjoyable, it has free comics that are sometimes better than the $2 comics, the application itself is free, and has an easy interface that gets you right into the action. I can't wait to see what Marvel has in store for future updates.