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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance For The Wii

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By Thaddeus Jones on
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Genre: Fantasy/Fighting

Players: 1-4

Ultimate Alliance for the Wii was one of the first titles out for the wii. The game is multi platform, and has a few different characters differ in each. The wide range of characters in each game is astounding. I have Moon Kight, Ms. Marvel, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Mr. Fantastic, Thor, Storm, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage, Captain America, Thing, Iron Man, Blade, Electra, Colossus, Iceman, Spider Woman, and my favorite team of Deadpool, Spidey, Human Torch, and Wolverine. Plus I still have four people to unlock. The missions are interesting, some can be kinda hack and slash. Some of the puzzles are odd or redundant. The basics of the game is to go through the missions given to you to stop Dr. Doom. You have a team of four of your choice. Certain combos by two teammates at the same time give you bonuses. The characters get * special moves, mapped out by either hitting A when the icon is selected, or with certain moves, are mapped out to movements of either sweep up, shake, sideswipe, and thrust down. These mapped movements are very picky and it is easier for you just to use the "hit a" method. Up to four people can play, but the game requires each player to have a wiimote AND nunchuk. Other moves are pretty intuitive, but I wish they didn't make the camera dependant on the nunchuk position. Sometimes it's nice to rest the nunchuk hand, but then the world starts to spin. One kinda cool feature I have found though is that with costume changes come power changes. Different costumes are usually the different eras of that hero's life and powers do change. Example: you gain regeneration when spidey has on his "black costume". Bosses also drop items with stat boosting abilities (but characters can only use one at a time, and some are character specific). The controls could have had more potential, and is so far the least played Wii game I own (at only 20 hours played thus far) and I have still have yet to beat it, but I think I'm pretty close. Despite all of that, it is fun to play most of the time, the controls are easy to learn, and is pretty safe for small ones (The battles are comic book like, mostly against cyborgs, etc). It's definitely a rent before you buy.