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Marvel Vs Streetfighter

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With the huge success of Street Fighter and Marvel based fightning games, came crossovers. This particular installment pitted a select group of characters from the Marvel Universe against a team of characters from the Street Fighter franchise. The characters on the Marvel side are Blackheart, Captain America, Cyclops, Hulk, Omega Red, Shuma-Gorath, Spiderman and Wolverine. The characters on the Street Fighter side are Akuma, Chun-li, Dan, Dhalsim, Ken, M Bison, Sakura and Zangief.

The game is basically a tag-team version of street fighter. Most of the action is team versus team usntil you get to the boss where it becomes a handicap match. Despite this, Apocalypse and Cyber Akuma are no walk in the park.


The game has 17 standard characters - This is a pretty decent number of characters which creates for a lot of interesting matchups.

Graphics and Sound - Though this may no longer apply with the much better systems nowadays, but the graphics and sound are very good translations from the arcade game and are very engaging.

Controls - The controls are very similar to that of previousgames so players who have played at least one should have a smooth transition.

Cyber-Akuma - This guy is fast and powerful. He is truly worthy of being the final boss and is a challenge.


Hidden characters - The hidden characters are merely palette swaps of characters in the game or characters that appeared in previous games. Nothings special there.

Choice of characters - I mean Blackheart? Shuma-Gorath? What about more famous characters such as Iron Man, Thor or Silver Surfer?