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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is based on her book by the same name. It stars Robert De Niro as the monster. It is a very insightful book and the movie portrays Shelley's intent well, though, some details are different. The movie displays this well. Frankenstein is of course not the monsters name but the doctor who created the monster. He is obsessed with control and creates the monster with all of the knowledge he has been studying. While I will not write any plot spoilers, I will say that the creation becomes terribly lonely and seeks out companionship. Frankenstein is hoping the monster will just disappear after he makes him and does not even name him. I believe you should give this movie a chance just don't expect it to be just like the book.

Main Characters

Victor Frankenstein

Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein

Alphonse Frankenstein

Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein

Henry Clerval

The Monster --Based on the book--

The book was originally written when Mary Shelley was just 19 years old and during the Romantic era in England. It is known as a gothic novel. Gothicism is part of the Romantic Movement that started in the late eighteenth century and lasted to about three decades into the nineteenth century. Being a Romantic herself, she revealed much of her opinions on God and society in this book. In Romanticism, God is in nature. We all go back into nature in the end. The Industrial Revolution was beginning in England and this book warns against it.

My Opinion

I love this movie but I like the book even more. This is the closest adaptation of the book so it is my favorite so far. I love the Romantic movement and all the literature of this time period. If you do then you will also like this movie. I believe you will enjoy it.