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Maryamah Karpov

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When read the sheet for the Maryamah Karpov, very difficult for me to believe that the book is the memoirs. When it finished reading, I doubt.

Maryamah invites readers against Karpov in the hyperbolic world of delusion. Nan terrible images move. So imaginative to gravitate to surealis, although I suspected, according to Andrea-furiously to make it realistic. Therefore, at this point Andrea Hirata has failed.

Is this because of the perception that readers have been embedded in the tetralogy that is Borrowed memoirs? But each story is' not reasonable 'in Maryamah Karpov make readers skeptical, so the evaluation inclined to surealis instead invent some.

My own misgiving about the making of the fourth novel Borrowed this tetralogy; whether before or after Andrea popularize booming first novel? Is the movie when shooting Borrowed ongoing or well before it? For my taste 'kenarsisan' curly enough acute in this book. Far different from the previous three books of relative humility.

The next is a question mark; if the novel was written after Andrea well, he is not antisipatif, because many times he failed surprising to readers. With a unique style bertuturnya on three previous novels, readers have been very mahfum bonds, with the words Andrea, so that the shock has disiapkannya not surprising.

For example; Lika-winding word about Andrea's father mimik that would reveal something the first time viewing home from Europe, can be very specializes directions. So that the climax in the final chapter is no longer surprising. It's different when read Borrowed, thought, and Edensor. I can guffaw or sob found climax in the final chapter. Can be so, because in the era of three previous novels, readers are public personality with the style of Andrea.


Roxana in the presence of a little more about the perception of the readers while reading this novel. Moreover Roxana is far from the description of A-Ling. So, once again, make readers doubt that the wave actually meet A-Ling. Moreover, at the end of the story, the story of Andrea hang loop and A-Ling. Nothing, whether this business strategy that may be made sekuelnya.

However, the existence of Roxana into the mystery of the new discourse in the history of life 'Pendekar loop', because the presence seems to become a shadow of A-Ling. But do not worry, for those who do not follow the information, will not be affected in the following figure Roxana enough to make the statement that Andrea fans disappointed or do not believe.

The statement is about 'bualan' Andrea memoirs in the tetralogy Borrowed. Roxana call Andrea Hirata dare lie in the face of the public through the four movies this. Nothing ... only just, after reading Maryamah Karpov, Roxana statement is enough to be considered. Moreover, I smell the flavor of the story 'trump in this book. This is read by Andrea inconsistencies in some 'facts'.

One example is the leaders Mahar. In the first novel, Mahar message has been aware of the unseen world of fanaticism and eventually became a teacher in an art school. However strange, Mahar figures in the message Maryamah Karpov had increasingly become a knowledge-perdukunannya. I Societeit de Limpai that have been dismissed at the end of the book Borrowed, this fourth novel in their lives again.

Moral message

Reading Maryamah Karpov with a much different reading Borrowed, thought, or Edensor. Although the style is similar (or is not the same), satyr and hyperbolic, but the impression that ditimbulkannya very different. Inspiring the moral message that almost was not found here.

I think on this point Andrea also failed, because the impression that I caught more than a fanciful adventure across samudara nan fierce love for the sake of a Chinese girl. Moreover, there is no moral message, that readers like the three previous novels.

I found many people inspired to learn more viable turbulence read Borrowed. Latitude Menekuri story in the first novel to make this all the more grateful to be alive. Similar to the first novel, inspired many people to continue high school and looking for scholarships abroad because of the thought and Edensor. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Maryamah Karpov. Whether it is because I want to overestimate when, or indeed because of this work less return to?